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Eliza's Quilted Denim Coat

The perfect topper for early spring.

You know when you see a piece of clothing so good that it leaves you groaning, "Oh noooo" because you know that you're either going to drop a load of cash on it, or forever resent yourself for being financially sensible? (Put in Taylor Swift's words: "Oh my god, look at that face / you look like my next mistake.") Yeah, this quilted denim Current/Elliott coat just did that for me.

I was actually looking for a standard white denim jacket when I happened upon it — but why be classic, when you could be boxy and collar-free, with weird sleeves? The light wash and sturdy construction look so right for early spring. I see wearing this guy with some baggy, cuffed jeans and sneakers (maybe a baseball cap?) for a cool grandpa vibe. Which is, as ever, my primary goal in life.

Now back to the original question: to buy, or not to buy?

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Current/Elliott Quilted Coat, $288, available at Bloomingdale's