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Choupette Lagerfeld Made €3 Million In 2014, Victoria and David Beckham Made Brooklyn Get A Job

Plus, 'The New York Times' launches 'T' Japan.

During a segment of "The Late, Late Show," David Beckham revealed what type of dad he is (besides a hot one): the no bullshit kind. Apparently, he and Victoria forced Brooklyn — who was 14 years old at the time — to get a job as a waiter at a French café to learn the value of a dollar. Oh, and he sat five tables away from Brooklyn during his first date because that's what embarrassing dads do. {YouTube}

According to Karl Lagerfeld, his cat Choupette made three million euros last year advertising cars in Germany and Japanese beauty products. So... what were the rest of you guys doing while Choupette was making bank? {The Cut}

The New York Times announced today that it will be launching T Japan, a Japanese edition of T: The New York Times Style Magazine. The magazine will combine original, regional content with translated coverage from the flagship edition, and will be distributed throughout the Tokyo metropolitan region. {Fashionista Inbox}

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