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Eliza's Embellished Denim Skirt

Daisies on denim. What's better than that?

Remember spring? That thing we were starting to experience until it started snowing again? This vernal equinox, I want to share with you what is possibly the springiest skirt I can imagine, courtesy of MSGM.

Between the light wash, the daisy appliqués, the rips, the sparkles and the mere fact that it is a denim skirt, this piece is an amalgam of everything I thought was good in the early '00s and, apparently, still do in 2015. It's a Marc Jacobs Daisy commercial gone mall rat, and you can wear it on your body. I love it.

For those unwilling to shell out nearly $400 for a denim skirt, I'm also betting you can spend $20 at AC Moore to DIY yourself a similar style. Which may or may not be how I'm spending my vernal equinox, or as others call it, my "Friday night." 

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