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Alyssa's Cool, Classic High Tops

Note to self: Never go on a long trip without packing sneakers again.
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When I packed two giant suitcases for London and Milan Fashion Week, I did something really, really dumb: I forgot to bring sneakers. Yes, I could have easily gone shopping for a new pair, but I am pretty confident that walking four-plus miles a day in a foreign country is the worst possible scenario for breaking in shoes. I also didn’t want to seem like I was trying to be "trendy" by popping into the local sneaker shop and buying some Stan Smiths, so I stuck with my flat ankle booties (with little to no sole cushioning) for the duration of my stay. Believe me, I am suffering for it now. 

I wish I’d thought ahead and purchased a pair of simple yet stylish sneakers like these: they have a bit of a skater vibe, but the extra bit of platform makes them feel chicer than your average high tops. Plus, they come with both black and white laces, so I can switch up the look depending on my ensemble for the day. I know hindsight is 20/20 — and that sneakers are rapidly decreasing in trendiness among the fashion crowd — but mark my words, I will never make this mistake again. 

EYTYS Odyssey canvas high-top trainers, about $156, available at Matches Fashion.

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