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Can Anyone Really Wear the Crazy-High, Crazy-Slim Pants We’ve Seen on the Runways This Season?

If you fear the FUPA, the answer is a definite no.
From left to right: Carven, Isabel Marant, Rodarte. Photos: Imaxtree

From left to right: Carven, Isabel Marant, Rodarte. Photos: Imaxtree

Yes, the flare is back! For real this time. But at Carven, I noticed another pant silhouette with impact: narrow pins with an ultra-high waist. They showed up again at Isabel Marant. And in New York, you could find them at Rodarte.

I am not one to be bothered by what’s generally thought of as "flattering" and what’s not. Heck, I wrote a 1,200-word essay for Vogue Australia about loving clothes that sometimes accentuate imperfections instead of erasing them. I do not fear the FUPA. But I’m in the minority; most of us strictly seek out garments that make our bodies look better. I wonder who, other than a model, will look appropriate in these pants?

I don’t blame the designers for going with this style: It’s a great runway look. And in theory, it can easily be relaxed at the waist and through the hips to accommodate a more typical body. But it’s still hard to believe that it will catch on fully. After all, Mom Jeans may give you a FUPA, but they tend to be relaxed from the thigh down, which creates a visual balance. Those pointy-pencil pants, on the other hand, don’t offer the same sort of relief.

And yet, the most dedicated followers of fashion will certainly figure out a way to pull them off come September.  Whether the masses follow is another matter. 

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