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7 Reasons You Need to See the Iris Apfel Documentary

Number one: It's wonderful.
Photo: Magnolia Pictures

Photo: Magnolia Pictures

When I heard Albert Maysles was making a documentary about Iris Apfel, I was beyond excited — not only because Apfel is super cool and endlessly fascinating, but also because I loved "Grey Gardens," another Maysles documentary.

There are some noticeable similarities to the 1975 film about Edie Bouvier Beale and her mother, Edith; and while Apfel is just as engaging and interesting as the Beales, you find that she's a lot more sane — though not without her eccentricities.

After a screening last week, I left inspired, entertained and with even more admiration for Apfel than I'd had before. Read on for seven reasons you need to see "Iris." It opens in New York on April 29, with a national rollout to follow in May.

1. To witness and learn from Apfel's shopping habits. A large segment of the film documents Apfel's shopping tactics and it is truly educational. Apfel puts effort into finding every item she owns. We see her everywhere from an African clothing store in Harlem to a Palm Beach vintage shop to a swap meet, and she is an expert haggler.

2. To really see and understand how insanely vast and diverse her clothing and jewelry collection is. Apfel has multiple rooms with double-height clothing racks filled with clothes in her New York apartment, with plenty more housed in her Palm Beach place. "Iris" could be seen as the chicest episode of "Hoarders" ever filmed.

Photo: Magnolia Pictures

Photo: Magnolia Pictures

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3. To see behind the scenes of her amazing 2012 Dazed & Confused shootThe results were brilliant, but the actual shoot was hilariously awkward.

4. To see Jenna Lyons completely fangirl out over her. Jenna Lyons is adorably excited when she meets Apfel.

5. For her wise words about young designers, plastic surgery and everything else. With age comes wisdom, and Apfel delivers a number of clever one-liners throughout the film.

6. To see her interact with her husband. Iris and Carl Apfel (whose 100th birthday is captured in the documentary) have the sweetest relationship. I came close to tearing up during some of their interactions.

7. To see her interact with Kanye West. Really, this is the only reason you need to see this film.

Watch the trailer below.