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Jennifer Aniston Embraces Sweaty Post-Gym Hair, Will Never Get a Pixie

Plus, the story behind that topless shoot with her hair stylist.
Jennifer Aniston and her signature hair at the Oscars.  Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Jennifer Aniston and her signature hair at the Oscars.  Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Living Proof, the hair care company partially owned by Jennifer Aniston and which counts MIT scientists as product developers, is no stranger to a unique product launch. Its latest, Night Cap, is a sort of night mask for hair: a serum-like, thin cream, made to be applied to dry hair (I know, weird) before bedtime. It's supposed to make your hair shiny and more manageable. More Aniston-like, if you will.   

The company is so excited about its latest innovation that it gave some editors exactly seven minutes with Aniston to chat about Night Cap, and, duh, also about her hair:  

Fashionista: How long have you been using Night Cap and what has it done for your hair?

Aniston: I started using it last summer when they brought me some lab samples. At first I was like, 'Wait, what? I'm putting cream on my hair at night?' I couldn’t believe what it did. It was one of those things where I thought, All right, I’ll try this. I’m gonna wake up with shit in my hair! It’s weightless, and [my hair was] shiny, it was incredible. It’s such an easy part of your routine. When you wash your face, you put your cream on, you put your products on, and then you put this into your hair. It’s just giving that extra nourishment and extra love that we give to our skin at night. It’s like having a conditioner on your hair all the time that isn’t weighing it down. My hair is shiny, it’s healthy, it’s growing. The other day, my friend got her hair colored and it was kind of going through that day of shock. We lathered it with Night Cap and it was just a different head of hair.

Do you talk to Living Proof about products that you wish existed but don’t?

Honestly, the scientists there are already thinking outside of the box and they come up with a lot of wacky, brilliant ideas on their own. Night Cap is one of them. I wouldn’t have thought that would be something that works, and sure enough, it was incredible.

You’ve been working with your hair stylist, Chris McMillan, for a long time. Has he ever suggested a hair style or color you were nervous to try?

Oh god, yes. Always. Chris has that thing where he’s like Edward Scissorhands. He just sees hair and he wants to cut it. He would love for me to go... he wants to just cut it all off, kind of like a pixie, which I will never do. And he always likes to give it a good two inches every year, just a healthy cut. He’s also suggested going back to dark brown. We play with different things. I do listen to him sometimes.

Do you ever think you'll try platinum or other crazy colors? 

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No. No I don’t. I’m not a trend person really. I kind of wait for the trends to go. Platinum blond — unless it was a wig — no.

Whose idea was the topless picture of you and Chris in Allure's January issue?

That was Michael Thompson’s idea, the photographer who I’ve done many jobs with. I love him. He does such gorgeous portraits. Chris has this insane, gorgeous tattoo that goes all the way up his left arm, down his back, and down his bum to his leg. Michael thought it would be really beautiful to have a lot of hair and skin and tattoos [in the picture]. We were both supposed to be naked-naked, not even with jeans on. When we were setting up the shot and he was just doing a lighting test, we were playing, and that was one of the first three shots. He just basically said, 'I got it.' I didn’t have to get naked with my gay best friend! [laughs]

The "no-poo" movement is huge online now. What is your stance on shampoo, and how often do you wash your hair?

Silicone is a culprit in most shampoos. Over time, it builds up and turns into a hard coating and it cracks and breaks and snaps your hair. [People were] always saying, 'Don’t wash your hair every day!' but it was impossible — because of all the oils and silicone — it would create this greaseball head of hair within a day. The Living Proof scientists over there at MIT found a molecule to replace the silicone. Therefore, your hair is lighter and cleaner for days. I’d say I go every two to three days easily without washing my hair.

You work out a lot. How do you handle the in-between days? Do you wash it?

No, I don’t. I actually don’t. A little sweat in the hair is nice. It’s like a little product. You just blow it out with your fingers and it’s actually just fun. 

I noticed a lot of up-dos at the Oscars this year. Why did you wear yours down?

I just wanted to be comfortable that day. The [Versace] dress just fit like a glove and I felt so comfortable. I don’t like [to wear] my hair up very much. I’m not an up-do kind of gal. I feel like if you’re wearing a gown with glitter, you want to have beachy, natural hair to kind of go against that. So that’s sort of my main thing, being me. Being comfortable.

This interview has been edited and condensed.