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Tyler's Go-To Hair Color

This is how the magic happens.

Are you ready for a big, crazy secret?

I'm not a natural redhead.

I know. Am I even supposed to admit that on the Internet? I mean, I've already #tbt'd my various stages of hair color (so many young, misguided years as a blonde), so it's not like I'm trying to fool anyone. But over a year ago, I decided on a whim to go red, and to do it myself. I don't know why, as I had only ever dyed my hair at home once and it was... uh... bad.

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Still, thanks to a breakup and too much "Game of Thrones," I was determined. The first dye I tried was okay, but not as natural-looking as I would have hoped. I knew I could do better, and on my second try, I nailed it with this dye by John Frieda. The foam application makes it seriously idiot-proof, and the color is just right.  

Recently, I was unable to find my shade — 4R, "Dark Red Brown" — in three drugstores and a beauty supply store and I nearly lost it. Thankfully I can still get it online — but John Frieda, if you ever discontinue this formula, please know you will have one very desperate woman on your doorstep, awkwardly crying with bad roots. And who wants that?

John Frieda Precision Foam Color, $12.99, available at

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