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Marc Jacobs, Once Appalled by Social Media, Joins Instagram

What could possibly have changed his mind?

Of all the changes transforming house Marc Jacobs at the moment, this is surely the most shocking development yet: Marc Jacobs, the man, the myth, the legend himself, is now on Instagram. His first post is simple; just him in side profile with a knowing smirk and the very Marc Jacobs caption, "No filter, (some filler)!"

His decision to join Instagram is interesting, not only because Jacobs just announced that Marc by Marc Jacobs would be folding into his main line, but also because he publicly disparaged the use of social media in an interview just last month. "I am so appalled by the whole social media thing," he told Vogue International's Suzy Menkes. "I don't get it, it doesn't appeal to me, neither does a computer, or working on a laptop."

Instagram, of course, is a very prominent social media outlet. So what could possibly have changed Jacobs's mind in the past few weeks? An initial public offering (IPO) could certainly be part of the equation. Michael Kors, the most successful designer to stage an IPO in recent years, has been much lauded for embracing mainstream TV and social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram; his account gained the most followers during the fall 2014 fashion shows last February, and his company was also the first to try native Instagram advertising.

So it's not unreasonable to think that Jacobs might be gritting his teeth and taking to Instagram to make himself and his brand more IPO-friendly. Perhaps for his next upload, we might recommend he photograph the giant crow he's about to eat? Food selfies are all the rage with kids these days. 

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