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Gold Leaf Your Face For Fall, à la Rick Owens

Trust us on this one.
Would you look at that! Photo: Imaxtree

Would you look at that! Photo: Imaxtree

Though Rick Owens did not send another bare dong down the runway at his fall 2015 womenswear show, he did manage to get our attention with a beauty look that truly went above and beyond. Specifically: a faceful of gorgeously crusted gold leaf, applied with care by makeup artist Lucia Pieroni. 

Guys, we know. It's no naked dong. Nothing will ever touch that. But it's pretty good.

Citing "Mayan goddesses" as her inspiration for the look in a number of Instagram posts, Pieroni used silver, gold and yellow-gold foil to adorn the models' faces, plastering it to their ears and a bit past their hairlines. Some on Twitter have been likening the yellow gold version to C3PO of "Star Wars." Personally, I'm reminded of that lady who died in "Goldfinger." The point is, it's evocative.

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We really have to applaud the team's restraint, though. A number of models' faces were left completely bare, while others wore just a strip of black liner under their eyes. That's a smart choice — too much gold leaf and it loses its oomph, as they say. (The clean-faced models also served as a reminder of how nice it feels to not have a metric ton of makeup on your visage.)

Check out the looks below and tell us: will you be going for the gold this fall?