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Rihanna's Very Rihanna Take On Dior

A lesson in wearing the clothes, not vice versa.

If there was any doubt as to whether Rihanna would be able to convincingly incorporate the Dior looks she's contractually obligated to wear as the face of the brand into her own wardrobe, doubt no more. On Monday at the press conference for Jay Z's new music streaming service, Tidal, the singer looked hot as hell and very much herself in a lavender suit and skirt combo from Dior's spring 2015 collection.

On the runway, there was a shirt underneath the blazer, so that's styling lesson number one: remove the shirt, show off that underboob tattoo. Lesson two: screw the minimalist makeup and limp hair, opting for eyeliner and a '60s-type updo instead. The result is a look that's decisive, sexy and corporate — in a good way.

Last takeaway? Carry yourself like a queen. But that's something you should do, no matter what brand you're wearing.

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