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Serena Williams Covers 'Vogue,' Zoe Saldana Won't Boycott Dolce & Gabbana

And Kendall Jenner's latest Estée Lauder advertisement is here.
Wowza. Photo: Annie Leibovitz

Wowza. Photo: Annie Leibovitz

Brace yourselves: super human Serena Williams is Vogue's April cover star. The 33-year-old athlete looks every bit the epic tennis star that she is in a blue Rag & Bone sheath dress for the magazine's annual "Shape Issue." Someone get her an ad campaign, stat! {Vogue}

While some celebrities have called for boycotts of Dolce & Gabbana based on the design duo's insensitive comments about in vitro fertilization, Zoe Saldana feels that blacklisting the designers from her wardrobe would be "the stupidest thing." The actress says that, while she wouldn't have been so public about such a sensitive topic, she believes that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. {E News}

Once again, accessories buyers are keen to snatch up pieces adhering to fall 2015's '70s trend. Yes, it's a repeat, but many were impressed by the diversity, with designers expressing "a schizophrenic take on the Seventies." Start investing in fringe now, people. {WWD}

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Kendall Jenner's latest video advertisement for Estée Lauder is here, showcasing the limited edition Courrèges Paris collection. This time around, she looks significantly less awkward than she did in her first Estée Lauder video. {Instagram}

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