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Dov Charney Wants $40 Million from American Apparel, Target Collaborates With Of a Kind

And Denmark is the latest country to discourage designers' use of underweight models.
Photo: Courtesy of Target

Photo: Courtesy of Target

For its latest collaboration, Target has teamed up with indie e-commerce website Of a Kind for a home goods collection featuring items from brands like Wolfum and Dealtry. Expect to see everything from bright, spring animal-shaped bookends to cute soap dishes. Here's a list of participating Target locations. {Fashionista Inbox}

It's kind of hard to imagine that Angela Ahrendts would've had any regrets when she quit her job at Burberry to become Apple's retail head. But according to Ahrendts, her initial thoughts upon getting the job offer went something like: “Ohhhhh! My life was perfect. Aaargh, why, why, why?” {Fortune}

Just hours after American Apparel announced that the SEC would be looking into the circumstances surrounding Dov Charney's firing, Charney's lawyer said that the ousted CEO will be "moving forward with his employment claims" — and is seeking $40 million in damages from the company. {Bloomberg}

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Though it has yet to pass any legislation, Denmark has drafted the Danish Fashion Ethical Charter, which specifies that models must be at least 16 years old and must undergo a screening for an eating disorder. The consequence if you don't sign or abide the charter? A lot of naming and shaming. {The New York Times

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