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Alicia Vikander Does Chill Elegance Right

Low-key Vuitton. No big.
Our girl Alicia. Photo: Rob Kim/Getty Images

Our girl Alicia. Photo: Rob Kim/Getty Images

If you don't know Alicia Vikander yet, get to know her. She's a beautiful human — currently appearing on the cover of W — who plays a beautiful robot named Ava in the new A.I. film, "Ex Machina." And based on her look at Monday's premiere of the movie at the Crosby Street Hotel in New York, she's also a master of the low-key red carpet appearance.

Clad in Louis Vuitton, Vikander is both put-together and unbothered. Just look at that floral neck tie blouse, which stands in perfect proportion to her knee length skirt and metallic extras, but is pushed up above her wrists and kind of falling where it may. Effortless is a stupid word, but this is damn near close to it.

I would suggest wearing this look: to brunch with your significant other's parents, to work, to purchase some expensive old oil paintings, on a date with an architect, in Paris and certainly to your ex's little brother's graduation. Aim to cultivate an expression of unfocused amusement. Because as Vikander demonstrates here, that is truly the best complement to any outfit.

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