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Apple Releases Watch Commercials, John Green Gushes Over Cara Delevingne

And how models in France are getting around the BMI limit.

Apple released three Apple Watch ads earlier today titled "Us," "Up" and "Rise." The message: No matter who you are or what you're doing, whether it's meeting your 100-year-old Asian grandmother or rolling around in bed with your boyfriend, you need the Apple Watch. Yeah, they're trying. Take a look at "Rise" above. {Youtube}

"Paper Towns" author John Green is gushing over Cara Delevingne (star of its upcoming film adaptation) yet again, saying: "All of the constructions we have of supermodels are deconstructed by Cara in the course of the film." So, is Green telling us that Tyra Banks failed to do that in "Coyote Ugly"? Blasphemy. {Page Six}

Following in the footsteps of other countries like Italy and Spain, France recently passed a law prohibiting models with a BMI of less than 18 from working. But will it actually work? Writer Jennifer Sky explores the extreme steps -- like weighted sandbags hidden in Spanx underwear -- that some models are taking to meet the requirements. {New York Observer}

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