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Alyssa's Beach-Ready Summer Flats

You can have your gladiator sandals — I'm perfectly happy with these beauties.

For the last few summers, I've opted to go the lazy route when it came to my seasonal footwear. This means that I waited until it actually got warm (which, in New York, can be as late at mid-May or early June) to buy a pair of sandals, and by that time — as I should have expected — all of the cutest options were sold out, and retailers were already making way for the pre-fall styles. So, I was forced to buy inexpensive pairs from fast fashion-type stores, which only lasted the season — in terms of both quality and trendiness.

This season, having learned from my mistakes (and the waste created by all of my destroyed sandals), I'm shopping for my summer shoes early — and this is one of my favorite pairs I've found thus far. It's safe to say that I have a slight obsession with Aquazzura lace-up shoes — I even wore a heeled pair from the brand on my wedding weekend — and these new flat espadrilles, which come in a range of colors, are ideal for the city and the beach. They'd look just as adorable with denim shorts and a striped tank as they would with a sundress, and they are likely sturdy enough to last more than just one summer. 

I'm pretty pleased with myself for being so on top of my shoe shopping. Now, if only it would just warm up...

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Aquazzura Belgravia espadrilles, $495, available at Barneys.

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