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Gisele's Agent Clarifies Her Runway Retirement, Things Get Weirder at American Apparel

And why you dress like your friends.

Today in "What's Going Down at American Apparel," General Counsel Chelsea Grayson sent a letter to Nativo Lopez, who has been organizing factory workers through the immigration advocacy group the Hermandad Mexicana, telling him to... get out of a women's restroom. See the letter above, which a source sent to Fashionista. {Fashionista inbox}

You can't leave the runway and walk it, too. After Gisele Bündchen took what she said was her last spin on the runway Wednesday, her agent Anne Nelson said that while the model has said goodbye to Brazilian runway, opportunities to walk elsewhere will not be ruled out in the future. {New York Times}

Our personal style may not be so personal after all. According to psychologist Emily Lovegrove, our idea of what not to wear is a result of trying to survive by fitting in with our peer group — that is to say, herd mentality. {Telegraph UK

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