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Coco Rocha's Newborn Has More Instagram Followers Than You

...unless your count exceeds 22,000.

In her first five days of independent life, Ioni James Conran has already reached a level of social celebrity that most of us can only dream about. Her mother, model Coco Rocha, tagged the infant's Instagram account in her birth announcement and fashion fans looking for adorable pictures started following immediately in droves. As of this publication, the newborn has 22,000 followers. Props to the folks over at Page Six for alerting us to this phenomenon. 

While it is bizarre that a baby would have her own incredibly popular Instagram account, Rocha is probably just ahead of a trend that will trickle down to the rest of society, too. What's more unusual is to have such easy access to images of a high-profile person's baby, considering there are usually intense efforts to protect the privacy of the child. But it's an easy and convenient way to share pictures with family and closest friends — or in Rocha's case, 22K of her closest friends.

Lucky's Eva Chen also has an account for her newborn baby on Instagram, but the account is private and we assume only visible to loved ones. Other new moms in the fashion industry have used hashtags to group their baby pictures instead of fully independent accounts. For example, model Ashleigh Good, who walked with her baby in Dolce & Gabbanna's fall 2015 show, uses #missemily; Taylor Tomasi Hill uses #wellstomasihill and Marie Claire's Zanna Roberts Rassi uses #rumiandjuno for her twins. 

Rocha has been ahead of the mommy pack when it comes to navigating her pregnancy on social media, so it makes sense she wants to give her baby a leg up on Instagram. The amount of followers she's already received is testament to how much people love the model and are curious about her life. 

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We'll conclude with Rocha's pregnancy announcement — which first appeared on Instagram, naturally — just for old times sake. Oh, how time flies.