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Tyler's Slightly Naughty T-Shirt

Don't tell my parents, please.
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Confession: I swear, maybe a bit too much to be ladylike. But come on, is there anything more satisfying than a well-placed f-bomb?

As it turns out, there is: Wearing one on your shirt. One of my favorite t-shirts is a grey one by Cynthia Rowley, which reads "New York Fucking City," with the swear word covered up by pretty embroidery and embellishment. It's more the hint of something bad that's fun about the shirt — which is why her follow up, this white tee with "Fuck Yeah" printed across, is my latest must-have. It pairs just as easily with a printed skirt (as styled on Rowley's site) as it does cutoffs and flats for the weekend. And thanks to the pretty flowers covering up the naughty part, it's almost downright innocent.

Okay, maybe not. Fuck it.

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Censored t-shirt part 2, $95, available at Cynthia Rowley.

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