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Autumn de Wilde Directs Video Series for Prada, Kate Upton Didn't Want That Viral Cat Daddy Video Online

And how effective will France's weight law for models actually be?

Prada has launched a five-part video series to promote its Galleria bag. Directed by Autumn de Wilde, the videos focus on an old-timey postman's dreams about the packages he delivers. Check out the clip above and read on for de Wilde's explanation of the character and melding Italy and L.A. into a "visually striking, cinematic world." {}

Turns out Kate Upton never wanted the Cat Daddy video filmed by Terry Richardson — that essentially secured her Internet stardom — to go public. The model tells Alexa Chung in a new Vogue UK profile that though she's okay with it now, she initially found it "disrespectful" that Richardson put it in the final cut. {Vogue UK}

bill in France banning fashion models with a BMI under 18 from the industry suggests that women are taking unhealthy body image cues from supermodels. But are models actually the most influential figures in popular culture? {The New York Times}

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