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How to Pack for Coachella with Only Luxury Items

H&M has nothing on this.
This all totals up to $24,110. NBD.

This all totals up to $24,110. NBD.

Coachella is this weekend, which means just about every retailer is heavily promoting its festival-ready goods, from high street to high-end designer.

And as has been made evident by paparazzi photos and Poppy Delevingne's Burberry cape Burning Man story, some people do wear luxury items to these types of events, despite all the grass-sitting and dust storms likely to occur. And, really, can you blame them? This is Coachella, baby! Why wear H&M or Forever21 when Etro and Saint Laurent make plenty of fringe and suede options? You'll be rubbing shoulders with the coolest fashion bloggers and young celebrities, which means it's time to put your credit card to task. And since you definitely can't pack that feathered headdress you'd been saving (no really, please don't pack that feathered headdress), you have even more room for all the uber-chic clothes you'll be wearing in the desert

If you've been putting off shopping, no need to panic: We've rounded up the 20 best Coachella-appropriate luxury pieces for you here. Yes they're expensive, but come on — Coachella comes but once a year, people. You should be spending at least $10k per outfit. You might even get your picture taken.

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