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Chantal's Borrowed-From-the-Boys Striped T-Shirt

An impulse buy I don't regret.

One day last week, when warm weather sprung (pun intended) out of nowhere, I was running around town in a suffocating long-sleeve shirt, skirt and thick tights. It was one of those days where I so regretted my outfit choice, but obviously couldn't just run back to my apartment for a change. I tried to fight the humid air by drinking cold beverages, but by 4 p.m., I couldn't take it any longer. I ran into my friendly neighborhood H&M (which felt like a sauna because the heater was still on) and upgraded my look. 

After searching the many lightweight t-shirt options in the women's section, I decided to sneak a peek over at men's, and found a goldmine of striped t-shirts from the brand's new sustainable Conscious line, made from an organic cotton blend. And that's when I saw it: It was exactly what I was looking for — soft, light, not too fitted. And the red stripes are classic and versatile. I've already worn the shirt three times and am considering getting another in gray because, honestly, can you ever have too many t-shirts?

H&M Conscious T-shirt, $7.95, available at H&M. 

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