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Jenny Slate's Style Philosophy: 'Every Day Is a Party'

The hilarious actress came out to fête designer Jordana Warmflash of Novis in Los Angeles.
Jenny Slate and Jordana Warmflash of Novis.

Jenny Slate and Jordana Warmflash of Novis.

On Tuesday night, actress Jenny Slate reminded us that “every day is a party” at a cocktail event in Los Angeles celebrating designer Jordana Warmflash of Novis, who recently debuted her fall 2015 collection. Hosted by jeweler Irene Neuwirth at her intimate Melrose Place boutique (which feels more like a hip — albeit sparkling — Laurel Canyon bungalow than a retail store), actresses Busy Phillips, Gillian Jacobs and Rose McIver joined Slate to toast the New York-based designer.

Warmflash’s colorful knits, bright prints and light, form-conscious dresses made us think of Palm Springs nights. Slate wore a pink, long-sleeved, floor-sweeping gown from the designer's spring 2014 collection that was not only stunning, but fit perfectly into the actress’s style philosophy.

The “Obvious Child” and "Parks & Recreation" funny woman sat down with us to chat about how she would work in the corporate world if she could do it topless, how much money she spends on dresses, and how dressing well is about much more than making a good impression.

What did you do today?

I was doing an amazing photo shoot earlier and I was wearing a Carolina Herrera suit. I was wearing the trousers and the jacket and no shirt underneath and I was thinking, if this is what I could wear and be, like, an attorney, I would go ahead and do it. I just felt very powerful.

What was the shoot for?

I don’t know if I should say. It was for a new magazine. It’s called Tidal and it’s so cool.

Like the new Jay Z-helmed music-streaming service?

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Yes! We talked about that at the shoot. They’re not related.

You are obviously so funny and so stylish. Do you think about that interaction?

I’ve always been inspired by people who have a unique performance style and a unique look. If you think about Carol Burnett — all of her Bob Mackie gowns that she wore on her show. I really love that sense of style and expressing yourself. Whatever it means to be a woman in your workplace is really important. I like to feel good.

Do you have a particular designer with whom you identify?

There are a lot. Personally, right now, I wear a lot of Rachel Antonoff because I like the way she does women and I love her, so it makes me feel good to wear her clothes around town. On a daily basis, I wear a lot of Steven Alan and A.P.C. and J.Crew. And I shop at Tenoversix on Melrose. I also really like wearing more old-fashioned things. I like Oscar de la Renta and Chloé.

And I don’t have any good purses or any good shoes. I spend all my money on dresses.

Have you thought about doing a collaboration?

I’m just a fashion participant. And I like that. I like being a consumer of objects that I think are beautiful and worth my earnings. That feels good to go and do my job and then be in the marketplace and get things that I feel are presents for myself. I like to adorn myself and costume myself for the day.

My grandmothers are both really very stylish. My aunt had a lot of Chanel couture and Bill Blass and those kinds of things, and she was just very fancy. I have a lot of her vintage stuff and sometimes I’m afraid to wear it. But when I do, I’m reminded of this sense that taking pride in the way you look doesn’t have to come from pressure from the outside, or fear that you aren’t going to look a certain way. Instead, it can really come from a feeling that every day is a party and you should dress for it.