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Kendall Jenner Nabs Fendi Campaign, 'I-D' Documentary Looks at Denim Made From Plastic

And Kylie Jenner fronts 'Teen Vogue.'

Real talk: The ratio of plastic to plankton in our oceans is 100 to one. Feeling nauseated? i-D teamed up with Pharrell and G-Star RAW for a short documentary titled "The Plastic Age" to take a look at how the brand is making the world's first denim line with plastic fished from the sea. (If you feel so inclined, you can shop the collection here.) {i-D}

Not one to be outshined by her older sisters, Kylie Jenner poses in considerably less makeup than usual for the May 2015 issue of Teen Vogue. The 17-year-old says that she doesn't really wear makeup unless she has to...but when she does, she's in for two and a half hours of prep. So which May issue will you be buying: Kylie's Teen Vogue or Kendall's GQ? {Teen Vogue

In more Jenner news (anyone starting to get glassy-eyed yet?), Fendi posted an Instagram photo of Kendall backstage with model Lily Donaldson on a Fendi campaign shoot. Well, at least we now know why Lily has been hanging around with Kendall so much lately. {Instagram}

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