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Eliza's 'Vintage' Overalls

They're almost vintage, and legitimately good.

These overalls from Levi's Vintage Clothing are described on the brand's site as the "Bib and Brace Youthwear" model, a "customized version of a classic Levi’s® Bib Overall that was originally made for children in the early 1900s." As a grown woman alive in 2015, I immediately identified with this description. (Shopbop has removed all mention of 20th century youngsters from its copy, which is a real missed marketing opportunity, if you ask me.)

They're also legitimately good overalls, which is something I've been looking for lately. To me, "good" means baggy and not terribly cute. But you know what is cute about this pair? That one weird pocket. And that one weird buttonhole. All in all, we've got a winner.

Levi's Vintage Clothing overalls, $385, available at Shopbop.

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