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Lilly Pulitzer for Target Is Going for More Than Double the Price on Resale Sites Like Ebay

Yay! Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Yay! Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

The battle for sea urchin and giraffe-print dresses has changed venues. After Lilly Pulitzer for Target sold out online, shoppers carried their thirst into bidding wars on Ebay and other secondhand sites. And oh, are they willing to pay for the goods.

A shift dress originally priced at $38 sold for $84 on Ebay. One fan paid $100 for a bright pink raffia tote — $70 more than its retail price — while a weekender bag, $50 at Target, ultimately went for $138. Beautiful coincidence: You can buy an actual Lilly Pulitzer tote directly from its site for $138, too.

But while enterprising souls can turn a pretty decent profit reselling -- especially if they were able to snag product in bulk -- they also have to deal with other shoppers' rage. Over on Poshmark, a makeup bag that cost $10 is available for immediate purchase for $35, and though shoppers can bid below that price, the comments section on the post is rife with users calling "bullsh**" on the markup and telling each other not to encourage this kind of behavior by buying. 

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Unfortunately, someone else is probably going to. Over on Ebay, a $34 strapless maxi dress has already reached $95 at auction, with 25 minutes to go. If you're still looking to buy, here are some tunes to listen to while you're at it.