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Eliza's Funfetti Skirt

... is terribly fun.

Funfetti, while pleasing to the eye, is an overrated cake flavor. It's not really a flavor at all, so much as a texture or a rainbow scattering of chemicals. That said, there are absolutely no downsides to applying the funfetti principle to a tweed skirt. This one from Maison Kitsuné is excellent.

You can wear it to an Easter egg hunt, to give a creative presentation at work or on a date at Coney Island with a guy or girl who loves to Instagram. It's bursting with personality, but it's not loud. It's that friend of a friend who doesn't ramble and always nails the joke because of it. 

Other features include a high waist and a dolphin short-like divot. (What is that called? A half scallop? A dolphin?) At $366, it's kind of a lot, but it's also a whole lot of good, so consider it.

Maison Kitsuné tweed miniskirt, $366, available at Farfetch.

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