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Miley Cyrus Gets People Talking About Armpit Hair

We're not talking about her nipple pasties for once!

It's 4/20, so naturally, we're talking about Miley Cyrus — though not her marijuana use.

Instead, a recent Instagram from Cyrus has brought up that age-old debate about underarm hair. Yes, in a photo where she's wearing weird overalls and nipple pasties, we're arguing about her barely noticeable armpit hair.

Like Madonna before her, Cyrus's grooming habits (or lack thereof) have sparked a debate about where ladies are allowed to grow hair. (Spoiler alert: Just on our heads!) It's important to remember that, as women, the most offensive thing we can do in public is have body hair — even Gwyneth Paltrow can't bring back the '70s bush.

Why is it that armpit hair on men is acceptable but on women it's gross and weird? Women, remember, only started shaving their armpits a century ago, but it remains one of those societal double standards that may take just as long to unravel. Oh and don't worry friends: Cyrus still provided us with the 4/20 'gram we were waiting for. 

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