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What Ralph Lauren Said During That Perfect Picture with Kanye West

"I knew it! I knew Ralph was my daddy!"

Do you remember where you were when you saw the best picture of all time? Or, at the very least, the best picture of New York Fashion Week? In an Instagram photo posted by Ralph Lauren's son David on Feb. 19, the veteran designer greets Kanye West backstage after his spring show and sweetly pats the rapper-turned-designer on the cheek. The image went viral because it was such a rare happy Kanye moment, signaling, finally, his acceptance into the fashion industry — from one icon, at least.

But, despite our undying curiosity, the exact circumstances surrounding that moment have been a mystery. Until now. 

In an interview with the T: The New York Times Style Magazine, out Friday, West reveals that, as the picture was taken, Lauren said to him, "This is my son." This is some biblical stuff, people. West was anointed by Lauren, and we all got to be a part of it, thanks to Instagram.

Here's an excerpt from the interview: 

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In a widely circulated photo of the two men meeting, Lauren has placed his hand gently on West’s cheek. “Do you know what he said when he did that? ‘This is my son,’ ” West said. “And I was thinking, ‘I knew it! I knew Ralph was my daddy!’ ”

Yes, Ralph is Kanye's daddy. Everything is perfect.

Kanye West on the cover of "T: The New York Times Style Magazine." Photo: T

Kanye West on the cover of "T: The New York Times Style Magazine." Photo: T