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Shinola's New Ads Poke Fun at Smartwatches

It goes live the same day the Apple Watch goes on pre-order.

You know what they say: if you can't beat the Apple Watch's press push, find a way to capitalize on it. 

At least, that's what Shinola is doing. The Detroit-based manufacturer is putting out a new campaign for its Runwell watch that gently pokes fun at the smartwatch revolution. (Of the analog style: "Smart enough that it will never need a software upgrade."). A rep for Shinola says that the ads will hit select newspapers on Friday — the same day that the Apple Watch becomes available for pre-order — and land in other publications come June. The tagline is already on Shinola's website. Saucy.

Shinola has a history of using friendly digs to its advantage. Take, for instance, campaign for its Birdy watch, which read: "To those who have written off Detroit, we give you the Birdy." Of course, taking a shot at smartwatches this week only gives free advertising to Apple, but at least it makes Shinola part of the conversation. 

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