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Starbucks Hosted a Frappuccino-Themed Fashion Show in Japan

It's everything you could hope for, and more.

Open up a new browser window, because we have a video that you're going to want to run in the background on a loop all morning. On Monday, Starbucks Japan uploaded to its YouTube page footage from a fashion show it put on in celebration of its "Fruits-on-top-yogurt-Frappuccino®." It does not disappoint.

From what we gather, this beverage consists of yogurt blended with crushed nuts, topped with fruit jelly and finished off with whipped cream. (Depending how much you like preserves, this could either be fine or rather good.) Because everyone likes a food-themed costume party, Starbucks dressed up four models to represent each component of the drink. 

"Yogurt" wore white bermuda shorts under a blue skirt situation, while "Crushed Nuts" had to carry around a tasseled almond as a clutch; "Cream" took the stage looking sullen, and "Fruits" benefited from having an inherently cute starting point. A fifth model wore a strapless dress, to which the ingredient ladies affixed their fruits, nuts, creams and yogurts to demonstrate the drink's sweet synergy.

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I could go on for hours about how delightful this concept is, but you should probably just watch the video.

Update: A rep for Starbucks says that the outfits were created by Taro Horiuchi, a Tokyo-based designer who graduated from Antwerp's Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 2007 and won the Newcomer’s Prize at Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix Japan in 2012. The more you know!