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Eliza's Loafers For Warm Weather Loafing

Such inviting leather.

Noncommital as the weather might be, it seems it is finally time to expose some ankle. This week, a group of NYU frat bros ran down the street below our office building, whooping and carrying on like they do — a sure sign, as any nature enthusiast knows, that spring is here to stay.

Issue is, last summer brought about the completely timely demise of a pair of soft leather loafers I'd inherited from my mom, and now I'm woefully without flats that are not sneakers. I love the look of a very classic shoe — something the older women in your family might have worn, or maybe still wear — with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, which brings us to the coffee-colored Ferragamo loafers above. They're pricey, but would you look at the inviting bend in the leather there? Good god, I want to put these suckers on and not take them off until October.

Salvatore Ferragamo loafers, $475, available at Farfetch.

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