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Chantal's Summer Tank

For staying cool without sacrificing dignity.
Ayr The Slim Cami, $165, available at Ayr.

Ayr The Slim Cami, $165, available at Ayr.

My black Theory slacks and blazer have been saving me from looking like a slob — or like I'm trying too hard to be fashionable — countless times at work events. Wearing it during the summer can get tricky, however, because I end up feeling suffocated under the dress shirts I layer with it.

Ayr's slim cami is an easy solution: the thin straps give the shoulders (and armpits) some breathing room while the minimal georgette fabric looks sufficiently luxurious to stand up in a professional setting. I had to shorten the straps to raise the neckline to a personally acceptable level, but it's still long enough to lengthen the torso and feel loose and comfortable. Plus, it looks equally polished with jeans and sandals when I'm off the clock. Basically, I feel really good about this purchase. 

Ayr "The Slim" cami, $165, available at Ayr.

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