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9 Makeup Artists to Follow on Instagram

Punch it up with Alex Box, Robin Black and Wayne Goss.
Makeup artist Tom Pecheux works his magic. Photo: Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Makeup artist Tom Pecheux works his magic. Photo: Jemal Countess/Getty Images

There's no such thing as a finished Instagram feed — it's a constant game of addition and subtraction. But if the beauty portion of your feed needs some punching up, we'd like to make a few recommendations. These are the makeup artists that inspire us and, frankly, help us stay on top of all the editorials, runway looks and trends coming out of the industry.

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1. Robin Black, @beautyisboring_

Beauty is anything but boring when Robin Black is at the wheel. For proof, look no further than this photo of Staz Lindes with pastel eyes and flowers decaled all over her face. Glorious.

2. Lisa Eldridge, @lisaeldridgemakeup

Is there any aspect of Lisa Eldridge that is not great? No. Everything going on in the world of Lisa Eldridge is right here: Celebrity clients like Lily James and Jessica Biel, magazine shoots, the undereye pads she's currently into... everything.

3. Wayne Goss, @gossmakeupartist

You may know makeup artist Wayne Goss from YouTube. He is equally funny and wacky on Instagram. If you want to know what face masks Goss uses on himself, or how that Retin-A is treating him, there are some close-up photos of his face for your perusal.

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4. Nick Barose, @dilokritbarose

There are many things to like about Nick Barose. To begin, he does Amy Poehler's makeup. He's also incredibly outspoken, pushing back against the aspects of the industry that he doesn't like — for instance, constantly getting asked about contouring.

5. Linda Gradin, @lindagradinmakeup

The Swedish makeup artist Linda Gradin has a feed full of quietly impactful beauty looks. Real-looking skin and glossy lids abound, along with messy, painterly looks. If you want to create something unexpected but restrained for a Friday night out, Gradin is a source of ample inspiration.

6. Tom Pecheux, @tompecheux

A Fashion Month mainstay, it's always worth staying on top of what Tom Pecheux is up to. In addition to documenting the latest looks at Chanel's runway shows, his feed serves as a pretty thorough travel diary, in case you were wondering what the daily life of a big deal makeup artist looks like.

7. Pat McGrath, @patmcgrathreal

You want to get good? Learn from the best. In the world of beauty, that's Pat McGrath. Her captions tend toward extreme enthusiasm ("OBSESSED!!" is a common phrase), but the photos are everything you need to monitor the life's work of one of the most in-demand makeup artists around.

8. Alex Box, @thealexbox

If you like rebellious, costume-like makeup, Alex Box is for you. Her feed is a mix of inspirational notes (occasionally written and screencapped on her phone), and photos of her work for magazines like Dazed and at runway shows like Gareth Pugh and Guy Laroche. For punching up your Instagram feed, Alex Box is the tops. 

9. Mario Dedivanovic, @makeupbymario

One word: Kardashians. Like it or not, Kim K has become the beauty leader of our time, and it's all thanks to her longtime makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic. He's also the guy who oiled up her butt for Paper, just FYI.