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Alyssa's Intoxicating Hair Perfume

I  may never wash my hair again. (Kidding! Maybe.)

The closer we get to summer, the more frequent my workouts become. While the endorphin high can't be beat and there's no greater satisfaction than feeling confident in a swimsuit, this does come with a  downside: I have to wash my hair a lot. Given that my hair is super-thick, has a tendency to frizz and takes approximately 30 minutes to blow dry, this creates an unfortunate, time-consuming scenario for me. (Not to mention that my mane looks its best two or three days post-wash.)

Thankfully, I was recently introduced to Byredo's hair perfume, which I can turn to on my non-cardio (read: less sweaty) gym days. The Stockholm-based fragrance brand has a cult following among editors on account of its unique, crisp scents, and its Gypsy Water spray is the best thing I've found to freshen up my 'do post-workout. It's subtle, but still leaves my hair smelling like I've just left a really cool, bohemian hair salon instead of a spin class. 

I plan on toting this stuff with me everywhere this summer, especially to the beach and similarly hot situations. In addition to smelling good, my hair will be healthier with more time between shampoos. In fact, I may never wash it again. (Kidding! Maybe.)

Byredo Gypsy Water hair perfume, $62, available at Neiman Marcus.

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