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See Caroline Trentini Get Dressed for the Met Gala

Caroline Trentini is attending her eighth — count it: eighth! — Met Gala on Monday night. We hung out with the veteran model as she prepared earlier that afternoon.

Caroline Trentini may be a big-name model, but these days, she's in full mom mode. In the hours before Monday night's Met Gala, she did not hesitate to pick up her crying (and adorable) 20-month-old son Bento to check his diaper, even while fully made up and dressed in a floor-length Atelier Versace gown. The scene was one part Vogue editorial, one part downtown mom multi-tasking while getting ready for a night out. (Turns out, the surest way to placate little Bento is the soothing sound of Taylor Swift's "Blank Space." We're with ya, kid.)

Earlier in the afternoon, the Brazilian supermodel snuck in some quick Met Gala preparations while Bento was taking a nap, with stylist Esther Langham sweeping her long blonde hair into a clean, twisty updo as Lisa Houghton applied a no-makeup makeup look. By the way, Trentini — who's been to the Met Gala eight times already — told me she never wears a bold lip to the party because it's a pain to retouch. (She does bring lip balm because she's "always talking to people.") And she turned down a layer of mascara on her lower lashes because it makes her look "too doll-like," so there's that.

In between finishing up her hair and makeup (and waking up Bento from his nap), Trentini took a few minutes to chat about interpreting tonight's tricky Met Gala theme, her favorite ball to attend and what she really thinks of Monday night's social media ban.

Photo: Andrew Lampard/Fashionista

Photo: Andrew Lampard/Fashionista

So tell me about your Met Gala look for tonight.

I'm wearing Versace and I'm very excited. Although it's a black dress, it's not like a simple black dress. It's very sexy. It shows my back a lot. I don't go crazy or anything, I just try to look and feel comfortable in a look because it's a long night and I want to make sure I have fun.

What type of prep do you do leading up to today?

[Yesterday] I was working in São Paulo. I flew for 10 hours with the baby and my husband and we arrived this morning. So as prep for me, I just basically unpacked and did my 'mom life thing.' I wish I could say, 'Oh, I do a massage' or this or that. But I just live my normal life, which is being a mom these days and I just get ready. I have an amazing team to come over to do my hair and makeup... and then I go and I have fun. I have a drink and then, you know, it's a nice time to see people you know.

Caroline Trentini's finished hair. Photo: Andrew Lampard/Fashionista

Caroline Trentini's finished hair. Photo: Andrew Lampard/Fashionista

The Met Gala theme this year is a little tricky. It's a culture, not superheroes or punk.

I feel like it's a nice opportunity — we get the first look of the exhibition and everybody is there, so I'm very excited to see what people have to say and just talk about China and its culture. My jewelry designer is Chinese, Qeelin. And it's beautiful. I'm wearing this ring — it's a Chinese lion. I didn't want to go too literal, I guess, but I have a little hint of Chinese in my jewelry.

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You've been to eight Met Balls so far. Of those eight, which was your favorite theme and what did you wear?

I loved the superhero, I have to say. I wore this vintage Mugler dress, which I actually bought and still have. Also, I have to say, my first time was special as well because I was very nervous. I was just a teenager and I didn't know what was going to go on and I wore this beautiful vintage Balenciaga yellow dress and it was a very special day. 

Caroline Trentini at the 2008 'Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy' themed Met Gala. Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Caroline Trentini at the 2008 'Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy' themed Met Gala. Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Now are you like, eh, old hat?

Nooooo! [Laughs] I still get very nervous because when you're in the car and you hear people scream for those celebrities... I feel like everybody from the business is there and everybody is dressed up and everybody put in the effort. I think it's a very special night because of that and I like to be part of it.

Caroline Trentini at the 2007 Met Gala. Photo: Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Caroline Trentini at the 2007 Met Gala. Photo: Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Out of all the Met Galas that you've been to, what's been the hardest theme to interpret?

I think the first one that I went to because it was Poiret [with a the color theme]. I'm not that comfortable playing around with color so much. I wore this bright yellow dress — for some reason it just felt really right. But that's when people kind of went more, oh the greens and this and that. I don't think it was hard, but for me, it was the one I had to think more about.

So, this year, there's a social media ban.

I heard!

How do you feel about that?

Are they going to take our phones away? [Laughs] I mean, you have to respect the rules, you know? I'll snap a picture of people taking selfies around the bathroom. There's always a selfie [in the] bathroom, you know that.