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Chantal's Layered Shirt Dress

Popped collar optional.

When I leave Fashionista's Soho offices for the night, all too often I wander into stores when I should be doing other things, like cleaning my apartment and investing in a Roth IRA. It happens.

Recently I walked into Intermix and stumbled across a perfect little shirt dress from Derek Lam's 10 Crosby line. It looks like two layered striped shirts, but it's one seamless piece. Shirt dresses usually annoy me because they are too loose — too "Risky Business" — or because they have an unflattering drop-waist situation happening. This style manages to be both sharp and casual, substantial and lightweight, and wearable for work and play.  See? This is why I can't wander into stores unsupervised. 

Derek Lam 10 Crosby Exclusive Striped Poplin Shirt Dress, $395, available at Intermix.

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