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The Bags Fashionista's Editors Want For Spring

There's a consensus on versatile, portable styles.
Bags, bags, bags. Photo: Compilation

Bags, bags, bags. Photo: Compilation

The act of switching out an everyday bag is one of the great markers of the change in season. Even though most of us at Fashionista choose bags that will function year-round (because we are super prudent and all that), there is a special kind of joy in picking up a fresh accessory for spring, especially one we rely on as much as bags. We all gravitated — for the most part — to neutral colors, simple designs and comfortable straps. Two of our editors even picked the same crossbody, so clearly we're all on the same page even more that we realize. 

See below for our favorite clutches, backpacks, work totes and more.

Alyssa Vingan, Senior Editor 

Dhani Mau, Senior Editor

Tyler McCall, Senior Associate Editor

Eliza Brooke, Associate Editor

Chantal Fernandez, Associate Editor

Cheryl Wischhover, Beauty Editor at Large

Lauren Indvik, Editor in Chief

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