Tyler's Ultimate Luxury Fragrance

Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Come smell my jacket sleeve.
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My girlfriends here in New York are kind of obsessed with fragrances; they can name the different components of a scent just by taking a sniff and they frequent small boutiques around the city that specialize in niche perfumes. 

Last weekend, I accompanied them on one such trip, to a West Village shop called Aedes de Venustas. Equal parts French boudoir and Hogwarts library, this place was stuffed to the gills with gorgeous bottles and hard-to-find fragrances. A really sweet, knowledgable sales clerk wanted us to all try their in-house scent, an award-winning number called Iris Nazarena, which she said would smell different on each of us.

At first, I liked it but wasn't blown away. A leathery-floral, it wasn't something I'd typically gravitate towards. But as it dried down on me, I became more and more attached to it. I could even still detect it the next morning, and it's so hard to find a scent that actually sticks to me. Also, some of it got spritzed on my denim jacket, which has lingered ever since — every time I've worn it, I've spent the whole day trying to discreetly sniff at my own sleeve (and discovered there is no way to discreetly do so).

At nearly $250 a bottle, this stuff is no joke — but a little bit goes a long way, and it might be the perfume that finally makes me a signature fragrance kind of girl.

Iris Nazarena, $245 for 3.4oz, available at Aedes Venustas.

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