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Kate Bosworth Knocked Off a Blogger-Beloved Boot

We don't think the Coachella gods would be very happy about this.
L: Toga Pulla boots, R: Matisse boots

L: Toga Pulla boots, R: Matisse boots

In fashion, designers are constantly inspiring one another — and the high street, too. But where does inspiration end and intellectual property infringement (i.e. copying) begin? That's something we're exploring in our long-running series, "Adventures in Copyright."

Lots of celebrities love Coachella — like, really love Coachella — but few are as enthusiastic about the California music festival as actress Kate Bosworth. Every year, she dresses to the nines for the weekend in the desert, wearing head-to-toe ensembles by Isabel Marant, Carven, Topshop and the like. So, it makes sense that her recent capsule collection for the footwear brand Matisse is inspired by the festival girl, mostly consisting of ankle booties with western-inspired details.

However, one of the pairs Bosworth designed really caught my attention — mostly because I thought I already owned them. One cowboy-style ankle bootie with heavy buckle hardware is a dead ringer for my favorite Toga Pulla boots, ones that I've worn to music festivals, fashion week and everywhere in between. It's a popular style among bloggers, too — they're often sold out on sites like Net-a-Porter— so it's not like she chose a widely unknown label to knock off. Buying the originals from the Japanese label will set you back around $515, but the Matisse option comes pretty close, ringing in at $505. 

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Sure, the buckles on Bosworth's are gold instead of silver — and they feature a zipper on the side to make them easier to slide — but if you're considering a pair of these booties, we suggest you lay out the extra 10 bucks and buy the originals. It's a small price to pay to get your hands on the original.

Homepage photo: Rachel Murray/Getty Images