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Maddie Ziegler Takes Her Rightful Place as Capezio's Brand Ambassador

Not much to say here, except "duh."

After starring in numerous hit music videos for the pop singer Sia, shooting editorials for magazines like Dazed and serving as a fashion week correspondent for Elle, Maddie Ziegler has finally landed the industry gig she was always meant to have: brand ambassador for the dance wear company Capezio.

Maybe you, like me, haven't thought about Capezio since you took jazz class in the fifth grade. But thanks to the Ziegs and her strange gravitational pull, it's suddenly on your radar again. You discover they also carry an "activewear" line, and even though a former employer once told you at a party to "Stop dancing, you're terrible at that," you look into it, because, hey, you work out. Maybe you even wind up buying something.

That's celebrity marketing in action.

Capezio announced the happy news on Instagram, and Ziegler looks predictably cute in her first campaign images. While the clothes and Ziegler's movement take center stage, we'd like to give a big shoutout to the hair team. That messy bun trying to wrestle itself to freedom is truly fantastic. 

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Homepage photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images