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Eliza's Breezy Paisley Shirt

Summer dressing at its easiest.

Summertime, and the dressing is... impossible. Just the worst. No matter what you wear, you will wind up feeling sweaty and slovenly at least a dozen times throughout the day. You can't win at this game, really, but there are some clothes that help you cheat the system for at least a little while. This shirt from Reformation is one of those.

The brand's website rightly describes it as something to wear when you're feeling a "bit feminine and a bit like Mick Jagger." Indeed. Further: It's billowy in a way that won't stick to you in the heat, while still looking put together. It's the type of decisive, sexy shirt that says, "I've got it under control." Even when you really don't. 

Nicola top, $168, available at Reformation.

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