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News Brief: Tavi Snaps Back at The Sartorialist, What David Letterman Has Done for Fashion

And is Alexander McQueen going to be on the next £20 note?
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

These are the stories making headlines in fashion this morning.

Tavi snaps back at The Sartorialist
The always frank Tavi Gevinson made her name as a fashion wunderkind at the very young age of 13. In an interview on The Talks, the now 19-year-old discusses the success of Rookie and grudgingly being a role model for young girls. On the topic of Scott Schuman of the Sartorialist and the comments he's made about her immaturity in the past, Tavi minces no words, saying it stems from his own insecurity and “the fact that he’s shorter than [her] in real life.” Oh, snap. {The Talks}

What David Letterman did for fashion
David Letterman bid a bittersweet farewell to the "Late Show" on Wednesday night. The nationally broadcasted program provided a platform where celebrity and fashion rubbed shoulders prior to the rise of social media. Let's hope that Stephen Colbert will follow Letterman's legacy. {}

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The next £20 note could feature Alexander McQueen
The Bank of England is asking the public to nominate noted British figures in the arts for the next  £20 note and McQueen’s name has been tossed around. The Governor of the Bank of England, however, will make the final decision. If McQueen is selected, printing of the note would begin in 2020, which will be the ten year anniversary of his death. {The Washington Post}

Can Justin Bieber stage a comeback via the fashion industry?
After a spate of run-ins with the law and a tarnished public image, Justin Bieber is trying to make a comeback via an unlikely route: fashion. The Biebs starred in a Marky Mark-inspired Calvin Klein ad, covered indie mag Hero and accompanied Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing to the Met Gala. Time will tell if the pop star and teenage heartthrob will find redemption through his work within the industry. {Fashionista}

Bloggers bring home big bucks on IG
Ever wondered how bloggers make money from Instagram? As it turns out, brands pay them handsomely for product placements. We Wore What founder Danielle Bernstein, who has nearly a million followers, can bank $5,000 to $15,000 for sponsored content on her Instagram feed. {Harper’s Bazaar}