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Tyler Says Goodbye

It's been real, y'all.

Hey guys, some kind of bummer news: Today is my last day at Fashionista.

It's hard to believe that just three years ago, I was working a job selling granite countertops in rural Alabama, writing for Fashionista in between customers. Our then-editor Leah Chernikoff took a chance on a girl who regularly commented on the site — true story! — and after a few trial months long-distance, had offered me an internship here in New York. I quit that job, sold my car, and never really looked back.

In these three years, this job has taken me to so many cool places, from front row at fashion shows to Fashion Week in Moscow, and put me face-to-face with some of my biggest fashion crushes. I've asked Karl Lagerfeld about Choupette and had Carolina Herrera compliment my outfit. It's given me the platform to obsess over some of my favorite people and talk to some of the most inspiring, fun people in the business. I've had the chance to write about issues within the industry that are important to me, like the plus size market, model rights, and issues surrounding gender and sexuality

I've been so grateful that you guys read the more personal things that I've written, too. Whether I was wearing the same thing every day during Fashion Week, navigating the dating scene in New York (which took an unexpected but really amazing turn when I met a guy who lives in Washington, D.C. — the super cute musician who liked my Peter Pan collars, natch), nearly blowing a month's rent on Prada, or trying out the crop top trend, the amazing Fashionista readers have always been so kind and encouraging (okay, for the most part) that putting myself out there online has been less scary. (And a big shout out to those commenters who were with me before I even started — hi Rachel, Marguerite, and Tay!)

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But I think the best part of working here, hands down, is the friendships I've made. So many people view the fashion industry as a business full of calorie-counting, back-stabbing, self-obsessed women, but that hasn't been my experience at all. Fashionista has given me the opportunity to work with some of the best and brightest — and funniest! — women I've ever met. It would be impossible for me to say what each of my co-workers over the past three years has meant to me (I promise that's not a cop out) but I'm so incredibly proud to have worked alongside them and learned from them. 

So even though it makes me sad to move on, I know that I'll always have a family here at Fashionista. I can't wait to go back to just being a big fan of the site and seeing how our incredible editorial team continues to grow — and probably, to honor tradition, leaving lots of comments. And please, I hope you'll stay in touch with me, too, on Twitter and Instagram — including you, Harry Styles! (Come on, like I was going to leave without saying goodbye to Harry.)

This one goes out to you, dear Fashionista readers. xo