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Mario Testino Gives Burberry a Striking New Look for Fall

The brand's longtime campaign photographer shook things up a bit this season.
Burberry's fall ad campaign. Photo: Mario Testino/Burberry

Burberry's fall ad campaign. Photo: Mario Testino/Burberry

When you think of Burberry's ad campaigns, you think of... what? Cool, young Brits — a mix of models, actors and musicians — slouching against each other, hair in their eyes, usually wearing trench coats and looking unrepentantly young and cool. In recent years, the texture of the photos has gotten smoother and smoother, taking on a pearlescent look: glowing, but matte. Jourdan Dunn and Naomi Campbell's recent ads for the house might best exemplify that style.

Burberry's consistency in its imagery has made its ads some of the easiest to pick out as you flip through a magazine, which is why we were pretty surprised at the look of its newest campaign, for fall. Shot by Mario Testino, a longtime collaborator with the house, the ads have all the typical motifs: young beautiful people, shiny hair, etc. But that flash! Not to make too big a deal out of it, but the lighting alone renders the photos... almost unrecognizable?  

Unrecognizable relative to Burberry's most recent campaigns, anyways. It's not at all dissimilar to the black-and-white series Testino shot for fall 2005, featuring Kate Moss, Gemma Ward and Hugh Dancy darting about London, the camera flash throwing their features into high relief.

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So new is only as new as recent memory. It's nice to see Burberry breaking things up, though. Check out the rest of the campaign images, below.