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7 Days of Fierce [Sponsored]

Seven days, seven liners, seven dares — each one designed to help you be your very best self.
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We all have our go-to morning routine to help us get ready to take on the day ahead: A yummy breakfast, some fun music, a relaxing shower... Mmmm! And as part of my routine, I always include that one little extra thing that I can take with me, to give me a boost of confidence throughout the day.

Whether it’s taking my favorite new flats for a spin or spritzing on my go-to fragrance, I try not to leave my apartment without adding on that “something special” to keep my daily routine fresh. Because really, who wouldn’t want to feel that way every day? That’s why I’m taking on the 7 Days of Fierce program, brought to you by the geniuses at Carefree® liners.

When I heard that Jane Pratt (i.e., the female superhero mastermind behind the iconic Jane Magazine and xoJane) and Lindsay Albanese (YouTube vlogger and red-carpet commentator extraordinaire) were both involved in 7 Days of Fierce, I was like, yeah baby... I need to check this out. 

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The concept of the program is simple: Seven days, seven dares — each one designed to help you step a bit outside your usual comfort zone while wearing pantiliners. It could be something as minor as trying a bold new lip color or wearing your sassiest underthings, or as major as inviting a new friend group over for dinner and drinks. Whatever it is, 7 Days of Fierce is designed to help you be your best self.

We want you to get involved, too! It's super easy: Just head to to sign up, and you'll receive your very own 7 Days of Fierce kit — which is totally free (!), by the way — to get in on the action and have your fiercest week ever. And since the first step to fierceness is freshness, each kit comes with a week's worth of Carefree® daily liners. Trust me, you'll be amazed at what a huge difference something so small can make in your life.

With summer officially in full swing (yay!), now's the perfect time to challenge yourself to make a change — even something that feels super tiny can affect you more than you'd ever imagine. Check out, and get started right now!