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Report: Kate Spade, the Person, Is Back With a New Accessories Line

After leaving her namesake company in 2006, Kate Spade has returned to the fashion world.
Kate Spade, the person, in 2011. Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Kate Spade, the person, in 2011. Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Kate Spade, the woman, is back in fashion.

After leaving her eponymous brand in 2006, WWD reports that Spade is launching a new line of accessories, initially focused on footwear with some handbags in the mix, that will make its debut for holiday. The big question of what the collection will be called, however, has yet to find resolution. According to WWD, the team is considering a few options — "Kate Spade," in all likelihood, not being one of them. 

We'd have to assume the new brand will unveil its name sooner rather than later, given that retailers are said to start looking at the collection later this week. Kate Spade New York and Partners & Spade, the branding agency founded by the designer's husband and Kate Spade business partner, Andy Spade, did not immediately respond to request for comment. 

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Though Mrs. Spade tells WWD that she's spent the last eight years raising her daughter and "being a consumer," Mr. Spade has certainly been leading a busy professional life. Partners & Spade has worked on a number of well-received projects — including Warby Parker's traveling school bus and the highly successful men's shop J.Crew built in an old liquor store — and in 2013, Spade co-founded the PJs company Sleepy Jones. Given that entrepreneurial drive, we really wouldn't be surprised if Spade got involved in his wife's new venture, too.

In sum: so many questions. We're stoked to see what comes out of this project — and more importantly, how Spade will differentiate herself from what came before.