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Lauren's Color-Preserving, Sulfate-Free Shampoo

It's silicone-free, too.
Kiehl's sunflower color-preserving shampoo, $7-$30, available at Nordstrom.

Kiehl's sunflower color-preserving shampoo, $7-$30, available at Nordstrom.

When it comes to clothing and beauty products, I'm what marketers call a "brand loyalist" — I won't switch until something really isn't working.

Which may be why it took me so long to say goodbye to the color-preserving shampoo I've been using since high school. I always thought it did the job pretty well, but after being told half a dozen times that the sulfates in the products were working against my color-treated hair, I decided to give some new brands a try. (Sulfates, by the way, are what make shampoo and conditioner so thick and foamy.)

My favorite by far comes from Kiehl's. It's sulfate-free, but unlike some of the other potions I tried, it still works into a healthy lather — not as much as my sulfate-happy shampoo, but close. I've noticed that my last two rounds of highlights have stayed brighter, longer, and that I can even go an extra day between shampoos. Thus, it's a win on several levels.

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Kiehl's sunflower color-preserving shampoo, $7-$30 depending on size, available at Nordstrom.

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