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How to Plump Your Pout With Makeup

An easy guide that doesn't involve vacuums or surgery.

The Kardashians have broken the Internet at least four times this year, and when it comes to beauty, it feels like the first half of 2015 has been all about Kylie Jenner’s massively luscious lips. Obsession over how to get her insane mouth drove teenage girls seriously crazy, and tabloid speculation over whether or not she resorted to plastic surgery swirled around for months before being confirmed on an episode of "Keeping Up With Kardashians."

I love experimenting with makeup, but up until recently I only admired lipstick from afar. It seemed like a mature and sophisticated product reserved for glamorous Hollywood starlets and my fabulous mother, not to mention I wasn't great at applying it and had an intense fear of looking like a clown. However, studying abroad in Paris this past fall exposed me to a whole world of possibilities, including ways to experiment with my beauty routine. I was inspired to try all kinds of new beauty trends, including the sultry “Purple Shadow” lipstick from MAC. I loved the way, when I kept all other parts of my face relatively neutral, my lips completely popped against my wintery skin. 

Now that it's summer, I went on an Internet hunt for ways to make my lips pop even more. Popular YouTube beauty vlogger Desi Perkins created this awesome tutorial on how to get a plumper pout by lining your lips a few centimeters above your actual lip line. Perkins is informative, relatable and entertaining all at the same time. Giving specific tips on how to find your lips' natural cupids bow and layer multiple liners on top of one another (a tip she got from Marilyn Monroe’s makeup artist), she takes her time, and shows each in-between stage of what her lips look like throughout. 

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I poured over a lot of Kylie Jenner how-to's that involved vacuum-induced beauty experiments, and breathed a sigh of relief when I watched Perkins’s. Finally, a lipliner trick anyone can safely do.