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Lululemon Issues Another Recall

Elastic cords in hoodies and other tops have been snapping back and injuring customer faces.
An earlier iteration of this Dance Studio Jacket is part of the recall. Photo: Lululemon

An earlier iteration of this Dance Studio Jacket is part of the recall. Photo: Lululemon

Remember when Lululemon had to recall a line of its black yoga pants because they were too sheer? The athletic apparel line is now back in quality-control hot water. 

Lululemon is recalling an elastic cord used in 318,000 women’s hoodies and tops sold between January 2008 and December 2014 because the cord has caused injuries to the face and eye in seven reported cases, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. The hard metal and plastic tips at the ends of the cords can snap back when the cords get caught on something or are pulled accidentally. The CPSC recommends removing the elastic cord and contacting Lululemon for a non-elastic replacement. 

According to Lululemon, no lawsuits have been filed and the injuries were not serious. The company released the following statement:

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Our main priority is ensuring our product works for our guests, and we believe this is the necessary proactive action. We are committed to making our product right for our guests and regret any inconvenience this may have caused them.

The sheer pants recall in March 2013 cost the brand $67 million in sales and launched the brand into a couple of turbulent years from which it has only recently begun to recover economically. Founder and then-CEO Chip Wilson earned himself a lot of backlash when he infamously said that "some women's bodies just don't work for" the brand. A new CEO, Laurent Potdevin, was hired in 2014 and Wilson left the board in February. With consumer confidence shaken, sales took a hard hit in 2014. But as of the first fiscal quarter of 2015, the brand was exceeding expectations for revenue and profit and raising its full-year sales forecast

It's too soon to tell how customers will feel about the latest recall, but if the company avoids the PR blunders from last time, it should be much less embarrassing for everyone involved. 

Note: This article has been updated with a statement from Lululemon.